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    Rosé Champagne

    Rosé Champagne at Drinks House 247

    Rosé Champagne enchants with its captivating shades, from delicate pinks to rich coppers, embodying romance and allure. Primarily crafted through two methods:

    Assemblage: Most producers prefer blending still red wine, predominantly Pinot Noir or Meunier, accounting for 7%-15% of the blend, bestowing the wine its signature hue.

    Saignée: This method involves the short maceration of red grape skins in the juice. As the skins steep, they impart their color, aromatics, and structure to the juice. After achieving the desired intensity, the skins are removed, and fermentation continues. The saignée method often results in rosé champagnes with pronounced fruit and structure, making them distinctive in their depth and character.

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