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    Livio Felluga, `Illivio` Pinot Bianco Chardonnay Picolit 2020, 75cl

    • Livio Felluga, `Illivio` Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Picolit 2020 Delivery

      product:Livio Felluga, `Illivio` Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Picolit 2020 75cl

      Livio Felluga's "Illivio" is a distinguished Italian white wine that brings together three exceptional grape varieties—Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Picolit—to create a wine of remarkable complexity and character. Produced by the renowned Livio Felluga winery in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of northeastern Italy, This embodies the essence of this prestigious winemaking estate."Illivio" reveals a captivating golden hue, hinting at the richness within. The nose is greeted with an enticing bouquet of aromas that include ripe orchard fruits like apples and pears, along with delicate floral notes and a subtle hint of toasted almonds. These aromatic nuances foreshadow the intricate flavors to come.

      This wine showcases a harmonious blend of the three grape varieties. The Pinot Bianco contributes freshness and vibrant acidity, the Chardonnay adds body and depth with its roundness and hints of tropical fruits, while the rare Picolit grape brings a touch of sweetness, providing a captivating counterpoint to the wine's overall structure."Illivio" is known for its elegant and balanced character. Its layers of flavor unfold gracefully, and it culminates in a long and satisfying finish with a touch of minerality that is characteristic of wines from this region.This wine is versatile and pairs splendidly with a wide array of dishes. It complements seafood and shellfish, as well as poultry and light pasta dishes. The wine's complexity also makes it an excellent companion to soft and semi-soft cheeses.

      Livio Felluga, a winery with a rich history dating back to the late 1800s, is celebrated for its commitment to sustainable viticulture and precision winemaking. The "Illivio" blend exemplifies the winery's dedication to crafting wines that express the unique terroir of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Livio Felluga's "Illivio" Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Picolit is a testament to the artistry and passion of Italian winemaking. Its complexity, elegance, and balance make it a distinctive and memorable wine that pays homage to the rich winemaking traditions of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a fine meal, "Illivio" is a true delight for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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      Livio Felluga, `Illivio` Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Picolit 2020 specifications

      Winery Livio Felluga
      Wine Type White Wine
      Name "Illivio" Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay/Picolit 2020
      Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
      Grape Varieties Predominantly Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay, with a percentage of Picolit
      Vintage 2020
      Volume Typically 75cl (750ml)
      ABV Typically around 13% ABV (may vary by vintage)
      Tasting Notes Elegant and complex with white peach, citrus, honey, and floral notes. Balanced acidity and a long, harmonious finish.
      Aging Aged in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks
      Food Pairings Pairs well with seafood, white meats, and creamy pasta dishes
      Packaging Presented in a standard-sized wine bottle with cork closure

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