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    Ilegal Joven Mezcal 70cl

    • Ilegal Joven Mezcal Delivery

      Product: Ilegal Joven Mezcal 70cl

      Ilegal Mezcal earns its name from the fact it used to be smuggled into the Café No Sé bar in Antigua, Guatemala, where historically artists, poets and thinkers congregated for week-long parties. The varieties on offer today are based upon Espadin Agave and crafted in small batches with traditional pot stills. The agave is baked in clay ovens and ground with a stone millstone -- all traditional methods in an age of modern ovens and steel mills. The process is an art form and the result is always a beautifully balanced spirit with just a kiss of smoke, making it ideal for cocktails or as a sipping spirit.

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      Feature Description
      Alcohol by Volume (ABV)% 40%
      Size 70cl (700mL)
      Ingredients Water, Agave, Natural Flavors
      Country of Origin Mexico
      Calorie 105 calories per serving (1.5 fl oz)
      Aroma Fresh, herbal aroma with a hint of citrus
      Palate Slightly smoky with a touch of sweetness
      Finish Smooth and lingering finish
      Tasting Note A vibrant mezcal with a well-balanced flavor, perfect for sipping or cocktails
      Style and Character of Flavor Profile Fresh, Herbal, Lightly Smoky
      Gluten-Free Yes
      Organic No


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