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    Tenjaku Japanese Whisky

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      Product: Tenjaku Japanese Whisky

      Tenjaku is created in the city of Fuefuki, located in the eastern part of the Kofu Basin in Yamanashi Prefecture. This fertile land encircled by soaring peaks, with the Chichibu mountains rising to the north and the Misaka range to the south, is renowned as Japan’s top peach and grape producing region. Looking towards Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps, it is a place blessed with boundless nature, with verdant forests, beautiful orchards, hot springs, and crystal clear streams.

      Tenjaku Blended is a clear amber whisky exuding a sweet aroma with notes of pear, dried fruit and a faint smoky accent. Well-balanced and mellow on the palate with a spreading sweetness to finish.

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