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    Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera Whisky 70cl

    • Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera Whisky Delivery

      Product: Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera Whisky 70cl

      In 1886 William Grant set out to fulfil his life long dream, and by 1887 he built his distillery in a year and was rewarded on Christmas day with the first ever drop of Glenfiddich. Glenfiddich use the finest malt from specialist maltsters. They pick ripe barley and steep it in water for two days, which starts the conversion of natural starch into sugar. The resulting malt is dried over fire and delivered to the distillery as malt barley. The Malt barley is brought to the mash house and ground into grist, this is then added to heated pure Robbie dhu spring water from the near by Conval hills and then poured into giant mash tuns. Here giant mashing knifes turn and mash to ensure good sugar drainage. The mashing process takes six hours to convert starch to sugar and then wort which is a sweet liquid. Yeast is the added to the wort as it is pumped from the cooler into the traditional wooden fermentation vessels, the washbacks.

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      Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera Whisky 70clSpecifications

      ABV 40%
      Bottle Size 700 mL
      Country of Origin Scotland
      Ingredients Malted barley, water, yeast
      Aroma Rich and complex, with notes of toasted oak, dark fruit, and caramel
      Palate Smooth and well-rounded, with flavors of dark fruit, toffee, and spice
      Finish Long and warming, with hints of fruit and spice
      Tasting Note A well-aged, smooth and richly flavored single malt whisky

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