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    Seguin Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019

    • Seguin Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 Delivery

      Product: Seguin Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019

      The Seguin Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 is a distinguished French white wine originating from the esteemed Pouilly-Fumé appellation, situated in the heart of the Loire Valley. This wine reflects the region's reputation for producing exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines known for their crispness and distinctive character. In the glass, the Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 presents a brilliant and inviting pale gold color, signaling its freshness and vibrancy. Crafted exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, it captures the essence of this classic Loire Valley variety.

      On the nose, the wine entices with a fragrant bouquet, featuring an array of aromas that often include citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit, accompanied by subtle herbaceous notes and a hint of flint. These aromatic complexities herald the wine's refreshing and layered flavors. The palate of Seguin Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 is marked by its lively and well-defined nature. It offers a harmonious blend of flavors, with citrus fruit notes taking center stage, often complemented by herbal undertones and a pronounced minerality, a hallmark of Pouilly-Fumé wines. The wine's zesty acidity contributes to its overall balance and long, invigorating finish. One of the notable attributes of Pouilly-Fumé wines is their capacity to pair exquisitely with a variety of dishes. This wine is an excellent match for seafood, shellfish, grilled poultry, and fresh salads. Its bright and crisp profile also makes it an ideal choice for warm-weather occasions and outdoor dining.

      The Cuvée Prestige designation often signifies a wine of elevated quality within a winery's portfolio, and Seguin Pouilly-Fumé lives up to this distinction, showcasing the best characteristics of the Pouilly-Fumé appellation. Seguin Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 offers a delightful taste of the Loire Valley's Sauvignon Blanc tradition. Whether enjoyed with a meal or appreciated on its own, it encapsulates the freshness, elegance, and purity of this iconic French wine region.

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      Seguin Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Prestige 2019 Specifications

      Wine Type White Wine
      Region Loire Valley, France
      Appellation Pouilly-Fumé
      Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
      Vintage 2019
      Volume Typically 75cl (750ml)
      ABV  Typically around 12.5-13% ABV
      Tasting Notes Crisp and refreshing with aromas of citrus, green apple, and mineral notes. Medium-bodied with a vibrant acidity and a clean, zesty finish.
      Terroir The Pouilly-Fumé region's unique limestone and flint soils impart a distinctive character to the wine.
      Food Pairings A versatile wine that pairs well with seafood, shellfish, goat cheese, and light, fresh dishes.
      Aging Potential Best enjoyed relatively young to preserve its fresh, fruit-driven characteristics.
      Winemaking Techniques Crafted using modern winemaking techniques to highlight the Sauvignon Blanc grape's varietal character.

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