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    G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut 75cl

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      Product: G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut, 75cl

      G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut is a sparkling wine that captivates with its delightful appearance and enchanting flavors. Crafted by the renowned champagne house G.H.Mumm, this exquisite Rosé Brut is a reflection of the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation. G.H.Mumm's dedication to producing exceptional champagnes has earned the brand numerous accolades and recognition. Over the years, it has become the champagne of choice for many iconic celebrations, including Formula 1 championship victories and prestigious award ceremonies.

      Upon uncorking the bottle, a mesmerizing bouquet of red fruits and delicate floral notes fills the air. The fragrance is a prelude to the symphony of flavors that awaits within each glass. The G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut unfolds a harmonious blend of red berries, cherries, and a subtle hint of citrus, delighting the palate with every sip. The wine's distinct crispness and refined acidity create a balanced and refreshing experience. This Rosé Brut offers a smooth and creamy texture, leaving a lingering, enchanting finish that lures the senses for another indulgent taste.

      G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut, 75cl, stands as a shining example of exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to the art of winemaking. The popularity of G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut is a testament to its outstanding quality. Champagne enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the world admire its exquisite taste and the way it elevates any special moment. This Rosé Brut is the epitome of celebration, making it an ideal companion for joyous occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and milestone achievements.

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      G.H.Mumm Rose NV Brut Specifications

      Brand G.H. Mumm
      Champagne Type Rosé NV Brut
      Volume 75cl (750ml)
      ABV Typically around 12% to 12.5% ABV (may vary by batch and region)
      Grape Varieties A blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier
      Aging Aged in the cellars for a minimum of 18 months
      Taste Profile Vibrant and fruity with red berry flavors and hints of brioche
      Dosage Brut (dry, typically around 6-12 grams of sugar per liter)
      Food Pairings Versatile, pairs well with a variety of dishes, including seafood, light meats, and desserts with red fruits.
      Packaging Presented in a 75cl Champagne bottle with a traditional cork closure.

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