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    El Coto, `875m Finca Carbonera` Rioja Chardonnay 2021, 75cl

    • El Coto, `875m Finca Carbonera` Rioja Chardonnay 2021 Delivery

      Product: El Coto, `875m Finca Carbonera` Rioja Chardonnay 2021, 75cl

      Finca Carbonera's vineyard creates the ideal setting for cultivating Chardonnay grapes that result in a unique and extraordinary wine. The combination of high elevation, a cool climate, and distinctive soil composition contributes to the exquisite characteristics of the El Coto Chardonnay. Hailing from the renowned Rioja region, this Chardonnay reflects the essence of Spanish winemaking expertise. The region's rich winemaking heritage, with its emphasis on traditional methods and innovative techniques, is evident in every sip of this delightful wine.

      While you are opening a bottle of El Coto '875 Finca Carbonera' Rioja Chardonnay 2021, you're greeted with an enchanting bouquet of citrus blossoms, hints of ripe peach, and a subtle touch of vanilla. The aromas interplay seamlessly, offering a tantalizing preview of the delights to come. The initial burst of crisp green apple is accompanied by delicate notes of pear and zesty lemon. The wine's balanced acidity adds a refreshing vibrancy, creating a harmonious contrast with the subtle creaminess that develops towards the finish. The lingering aftertaste combines a touch of toasted oak with a graceful minerality, leaving you with a sense of sophistication that defines the wine. Rioja Chardonnay 2021 is the perfect partner for a seafood feast. From succulent grilled shrimp to buttery lobster, this wine complements the ocean's bounty with finesse.

      This complexity and balance of flavors mirror the multifaceted nature of relationships and emotions, making it a fitting gift for a range of occasions. For milestone occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions, the El Coto Chardonnay serves as a thoughtful gift to mark important moments in a person's life. Its elegance reflects the significance of the event and shows that you've chosen something exceptional to commemorate the occasion. When words aren't enough to convey your appreciation, this wine steps in as a gracious token of gratitude. Whether it's for a mentor, a colleague, or a dear friend, this wine communicates your thankfulness in a way that lingers long after the last sip.

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      El Coto, `875m Finca Carbonera` Rioja Chardonnay 2021 Specifications

      Winery El Coto
      Wine Type White Wine
      Name "875m Finca Carbonera" Rioja Chardonnay 2021
      Region Rioja, Spain
      Grape Variety Chardonnay
      Vintage 2021
      Volume Typically 75cl (750ml)
      ABV Typically around 13.5% ABV (may vary by vintage)
      Tasting Notes Crisp and vibrant with citrus, apple, and tropical fruit notes. Refreshing acidity and a clean, fruity finish.
      Aging Aged in stainless steel tanks
      Food Pairings Pairs well with seafood, chicken, and light salads
      Packaging Presented in a standard-sized wine bottle with cork or screw cap closure.

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