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    Cleto Chiarli, Moden Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut 75cl

    • Cleto Chiarli, Moden Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut Delivery

      Product: Cleto Chiarli, Moden Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut 75cl

      Cleto Chiarli's Moden Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut is a testament to the dedication and expertise that go into crafting a sparkling wine of unparalleled excellence. Founded in 1860 by Cleto Chiarli himself, the winery has remained a family-owned treasure, passing down the art of winemaking through generations. At the heart of Moden Blanc is the Pignoletto grape, an indigenous variety that finds its roots in the Modena region. Known for its crisp acidity and aromatic qualities, Pignoletto adds a distinct character to the wine, making it a true representation of the local viticulture.

      Upon uncorking, Moden Blanc greets you with a bouquet of floral and citrus notes, creating an inviting and refreshing aroma. The harmony of scents sets the stage for the sensory journey that awaits with each sip. On the palate, the wine unfolds layers of green apple, pear, and a hint of stone fruits. The well-balanced acidity dances alongside the effervescence, creating a delightful texture that awakens the taste buds. Moden Blanc thrives when paired with light seafood dishes, creamy cheeses, and antipasti platters. Its versatility allows it to complement a wide range of culinary experiences, making it a go-to choice for celebratory occasions and intimate gatherings alike.

      In a world where celebrations are cherished and shared, Moden Blanc stands as a testament to the craftsmanship that has been perfected over generations. With each sip, you're invited to embrace the sparkling elegance that only Cleto Chiarli can deliver. Whether you're toasting to life's big moments or simply enjoying a quiet evening, Moden Blanc elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary. Its effervescent charm and balanced flavors make it a symbol of celebration and joy.

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      Cleto Chiarli, Moden Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut Specifications

      Brand Cleto Chiarli
      Wine Type Blanc Pignoletto Modena Brut
      Grape Variety Pignoletto
      Region Modena, Italy
      Alcohol Content 12.5%
      Aging Process 18 months on lees in stainless steel tanks
      Body Medium
      Aroma Citrus, green apple, floral
      Taste Crisp, fruity, hints of almonds
      Acidity High
      Palate Refreshing and lively
      Bottle Size 750ml
      Tasting Notes Vibrant sparkling wine with lively acidity. Notes of citrus and apple.
      Finish Clean and lingering
      Food Pairing Seafood, salads, light appetizers

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