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    Hennessy Black

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      Product: Hennessy Black Cognac 70cl

      Since 1765, Hennessy has been associated with excellence and mystery thanks to its priceless heritage. It has the most expressive and diverse reserve of Eaux-de-vie which has been aged between 2-8 years. They are carefully matured in young oak barrels until the cognac achieves the signature consistency and quality that is synonymous with the Hennessy name and style. It has a special mix of citrus fruits, spiced vanilla and honey which give you a delicious flavour that can be enjoyed neat or with ice.

      Drinks House 247 can deliver Hennessy Black to your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering. Simply add to your basket and checkout, then enjoy! If you’re a fan of Hennessy, we have 2 other types available -Hennessy Brandy andHennessy X.O Extra Old.