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    Hennessy Paradis

    • Hennessy Paradis, established in 1979, is a prestigious cognac named in homage to the Founder’s Cellar of Hennessy, a revered repository for the most exquisite, aged eaux-de-vie. This distinguished cognac is a blend of 100 carefully selected eaux-de-vie, matured up to an impressive 130 years, yielding an extraordinary depth and sophistication. Elegantly encased in a decanter designed by renowned Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani, this cognac epitomizes luxury.

      The bouquet of Hennessy Paradis is rich and nuanced, exuding a lavish array of aromas. It features sophisticated notes of spices, freshly bloomed flowers, and delicate blossoms, complemented by subtle layers of mace, cinnamon, and pepper. Nuances of dried fruit peels and acacia honey are delicately intertwined, enhanced by a faint hint of rancio. The palate is greeted with a complex and layered flavor profile, a harmonious blend of fresh florals, spices, dried fruits, and candied peels. This intricate array of flavors leads to a prolonged, warm finish, delivering a well-rounded and gratifying aftertaste that epitomizes the essence of luxury cognac.