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    Grey Goose Magnum 1.75L

    • Grey Goose 1.75L

      Product: Grey Goose Vodka

      Grey Goose 1.75L Vodka is a fine liquor produced in France during the winter. The wheat is from the Picardy region and the fresh spring water is from the Cognac region. Maître de chai, François Thibault, is the mastermind behind this delicious, fresh-tasting vodka. It has a subtle aroma with gentle floral notes with a touch of citrus.

      Carefully distilled for a high-end sipping experience, Grey Goose 1.75L Vodka finishes with a bright touch that will linger on your tongue. It’s an elegant choice, whether you’re drinking it alone or adding it to a sophisticated cocktail, such as a Woo Woo or White Russian.

      Treat yourself to a superior brand and order a bottle of Grey Goose 1.75L Vodka for your spirit collection. Drinks House 247 can deliver within 30 minutes of ordering and our professional delivery drivers will drop it off right at your door. If you’d like a smaller bottle, we sell Magnum Vodka Grey Goose.