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    Gran Patrón Piedra Tequila 70cl

    • Gran Patrón Piedra Tequila Delivery

      Product: Gran Patrón Piedra Tequila 70cl

      The Weber Blue Agave used to craft Patrón tequila ripens slowly, around every eight years. Using a sharp tool called a coa, skilled jimadors strip away the leaves to reveal the heart of the plant called the piña.

      After being hand processed and chopped the piñas are baked in small brick ovens and then crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone wheel. The resulting mixture is fermented for three days and distilled. 

      Gran Patrón Piedra is made from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is crafted using the centuries-old tahona process. Presented in a distinctive crystal bottle and elegant case, it is perfect for gifting.

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      Product Name Gran Patrón Piedra Tequila
      ABV (Alcohol by Volume) 40%
      Bottle Size 750 ml
      Country of Origin Mexico
      Ingredients 100% Blue Agave
      Aroma Herbaceous, vegetal, and floral notes with hints of pepper and honey
      Palate Sweet and rich with complex flavors of agave, vanilla, and toasted oak
      Finish Long and smooth with a gentle warming sensation
      Tasting Notes Perfect for sipping, mixing, or for creating cocktails. A true representation of the traditional tequila-making process.

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