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    Gaja Barbaresco 2017 Double Magnum 3 Litres

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      Product: Gaja Barbaresco 2017 Double Magnum 3 Litres

      The Gaja Barbaresco 2017 Double Magnum stands as a symbol of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional taste. Crafted by the renowned Gaja winery, this wine beckons enthusiasts on a sensory journey through its rich flavors, intricate aromas, and velvety texture. The Gaja winery boasts a legacy that spans several generations. Founded in 1859, this family-owned winery has been a pioneer in introducing innovative winemaking techniques while cherishing the traditional practices that define the region's viticulture. Barbaresco, a charming town in Piedmont, is celebrated for producing some of Italy's most distinguished wines. The Gaja family recognized the potential of the Nebbiolo grapes cultivated in this region, leading to the creation of the iconic Gaja Barbaresco series.

      Upon uncorking, the nose is greeted by an enchanting bouquet of red cherries, rose petals, and subtle hints of tar and licorice. This symphony of aromas intertwines with a touch of oak, promising a harmonious tasting experience. With each sip, the palate is caressed by the wine's velvety texture. The flavors dance gracefully, ranging from red fruits like cranberries and raspberries to earthy notes of truffle and tobacco. The wine's well-structured tannins contribute to a lingering finish that delights the senses. As the years unfold, the wine's vibrant fruitiness evolves into deeper, more complex layers, making it a captivating choice for collectors. Pair this with dishes like porcini risotto, braised game meats, or aged Parmigiano-Reggiano for a symphony of flavors that elevate both wine and food.

      The Gaja Barbaresco 2017 Double Magnum is more than a wine; it's an experience to be shared. Whether it's a celebratory gathering, an intimate dinner, or an evening of reflection, this wine enriches the moment and creates lasting memories. Its exceptional quality and age-worthy nature make it a testament to the artistry of Gaja's winemaking.

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      Gaja Barbaresco 2017 Double Magnum 3 Litres Specifications

      Winery Gaja
      Wine Type Red Wine
      Region Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy
      Vintage 2017
      Bottle Size Double Magnum, 3 Litres
      Grape Variety Nebbiolo
      ABV Typically around 14% ABV (may vary by vintage)
      Aging Oak-aged for several months
      Tasting Notes Rich and complex with red berry, cherry, floral, and earthy notes. Elegant tannins and well-integrated oak.
      Food Pairings Pairs well with roasted meats, game, aged cheeses
      Packaging Presented in a double magnum-sized wine bottle with cork closure.

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