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    Domaine de Bel Air, `Cuvée des Acoins` Pouilly-Fumé 2020 75cl

    • Domaine de Bel Air, `Cuvée des Acoins` Pouilly-Fumé 2020 Delivery

      Product: Domaine de Bel Air, `Cuvée des Acoins` Pouilly-Fumé 2020 75cl

      Domaine de Bel Air's 'Cuvée des Coins vs. Pouilly-Fumé stands out as a testament to the artistry and tradition that go into winemaking. This exquisite French Sauvignon Blanc has captured the palates of connoisseurs worldwide, offering a symphony of flavours and aromas that truly embodies the essence of elegance. Domaine de Bel Air boasts a rich heritage that dates back centuries. This family-owned vineyard has cultivated a deep connection with the land, cultivating grapes that reflect the terroir's distinct characteristics.

      The winemakers meticulously hand-select grapes and employ traditional methods that honor the region's winemaking legacy. This dedication to authenticity shines through in every sip. The moment the cork is released, a symphony of aromas fills the air. Notes of fresh citrus, subtle floral undertones, and a hint of minerality greet the senses, inviting anticipation for the tasting experience ahead. Upon the first sip, crisp green apple and zesty grapefruit dance alongside delicate herbal notes, creating a balanced and sophisticated profile that defines Pouilly-Fumé. Pairing with culinary delights elevates both the wine and the dining experience. Its vibrant acidity and layered complexity make it an ideal companion to fresh seafood, grilled vegetables, and creamy goat cheese. Sharing a bottle is an opportunity to spark conversations and create cherished memories. Its versatility opens doors to countless culinary adventures, inviting enthusiasts to explore new flavours and textures.

      Gifting a bottle of 'Cuvée des Acoins' is like presenting a piece of art. Its meticulously crafted flavours and aromas evoke a sense of luxury, making it a suitable gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant celebrations. The wine's unique characteristics can deepen the recipient's appreciation and connection to the present. Festive feasts and gatherings make it a cherished addition to holiday traditions.

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      Domaine de Bel Air, `Cuvée des Acoins` Pouilly-Fumé 2020 Specifications

      Winery Domaine de Bel Air
      Wine Type White Wine
      Name "Cuvée des Acoins" Pouilly-Fumé 2020
      Region Pouilly-Fumé, Loire Valley, France
      Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
      Vintage 2020
      Volume Typically 75cl (750ml)
      ABV Typically around 12.5-13% ABV (may vary by vintage)
      Tasting Notes Crisp and aromatic with citrus, green apple, and mineral notes. Bright acidity and a long, zesty finish.
      Aging Aged on lees in stainless steel tanks
      Food Pairings Pairs well with seafood, goat cheese, and salads
      Packaging Presented in a standard-sized wine bottle with cork or screw cap closure

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