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    Château Les Maurins Bordeaux 75cl

    • Bordeaux Wine Delivery

      Product: Château Les Maurins Bordeaux 75cl

      Château Les Maurins Bordeaux 75cl is a delightful representation of Bordeaux's winemaking prowess, capturing the essence of this renowned French wine region. Known for its exceptional wines, Bordeaux consistently delivers on quality and tradition. In the glass, Château Les Maurins Bordeaux showcases a brilliant ruby-red hue, offering a visual hint at the wine's vibrancy and youthful character.

      Upon nosing the wine, there may also be subtle undertones of cedar, tobacco, and earthy hints, adding depth and complexity to the aroma profile. These aromas offer a glimpse into the wine's potential for a delightful tasting experience. On the palate, Château Les Maurins Bordeaux 75cl shines as a well-balanced and approachable wine. It presents a harmonious fusion of flavors, with the pronounced fruitiness of red and black berries beautifully complemented by soft tannins. You might discover nuances of plum, blackcurrant, and a touch of spice, creating a rounded and enjoyable palate. The wine finishes smoothly, leaving a pleasing and lasting impression.

      Château Les Maurins Bordeaux is a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes, making it a welcome addition to various meals. It complements classic Bordeaux pairings such as grilled meats, roast poultry, or pasta dishes. This wine embodies the Bordeaux region's commitment to crafting wines of distinction and elegance, inviting you to savor a taste of the timeless tradition and passion for winemaking that define Bordeaux's reputation. If you’re hosting a dinner party, why not order a couple of bottles of Château Bordeaux wine from Drinks House 247? Simply online and receive your order within 30 minutes, right at your doorstep. We've also got Flechas de Los Andes Gran Malbec 2017Gaja Ca'Marcanda Promis.

      Château Les Maurins Bordeaux 75cl Specifications

      Wine Type Red Wine
      Region Bordeaux, France
      Grape Varieties Typically, a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other Bordeaux varietals
      Volume 75cl (750ml)
      ABV Typically around 12-13% ABV
      Tasting Notes A well-balanced Bordeaux red with aromas of dark berries, blackcurrant, and hints of cedar and spice. Medium-bodied with smooth tannins and a harmonious, dry finish.
      Terroir Bordeaux's diverse soils, including gravel, clay, and limestone, contribute to the wine's complexity.
      Food Pairings Pairs wonderfully with grilled meats, roast lamb, duck, and hearty dishes.
      Aging Potential Bordeaux reds are often designed for aging, and this wine can evolve and improve over several years.
      Winemaking Techniques Crafted with traditional Bordeaux winemaking methods, including fermentation and aging in oak barrels to enhance flavor and structure.

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