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    Louis Latour “Domaine de Valemoissine” Pinot Noir 75cl

    • Pinot Noir Wine Delivery 

      Product: louis latour “Domaine de Valemoissine” Pinot Noir 75cl

      Domaine de Valemoissine Pinot Noir 75cl is a remarkable French red wine originating from the Burgundy region, renowned worldwide for producing exceptional Pinot Noir wines. This particular Pinot Noir showcases the elegance and complexity that have made Burgundy a benchmark for this grape variety. To make this Pinot Noir, the harvest takes place in France at an early growing season, with ideal weather throughout. Due to the early start, the vineyards ripen in a cycle that allows picking to take place when it’s at its targeted ripeness.

      The palate of Domaine de Valemoissine Pinot Noir 75cl is marked by its finesse and refinement. It presents a harmonious fusion of flavors, with red fruit notes taking center stage, often complemented by layers of complexity, including hints of vanilla, cedar, and a touch of forest floor. The wine's silky tannins provide structure and contribute to its overall elegance and long, satisfying finish. One of the remarkable features of Burgundy wines is the concept of terroir, which emphasizes the influence of the specific vineyard site on the wine's character. Domaine de Valemoissine reflects this concept by selecting grapes from carefully chosen vineyards, each contributing unique characteristics to the final wine.

      Domaine de Valemoissine Pinot Noir is celebrated for its versatility and ability to pair gracefully with a range of dishes. It harmonizes beautifully with classic French cuisine, roasted poultry, grilled salmon, and a variety of cheeses. Its graceful and expressive profile makes it a delightful choice for special occasions or for savoring the essence of Burgundy. Domaine de Valemoissine Pinot Noir 75cl offers a captivating taste of Burgundy's Pinot Noir tradition. Whether enjoyed with a meal or appreciated on its own, it embodies the finesse, complexity, and elegance that have made Burgundy wines legendary.

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      Domaine de Valemoissine Pinot Noir 75cl Specifications

      Feature Description
      Wine Type Red Wine
      Region Provence, France
      Grape Variety Pinot Noir
      Volume 75cl (750ml)
      ABV  Typically around 13-14% ABV
      Tasting Notes A refined and elegant wine with aromas of red cherries, strawberries, and subtle hints of spices. Medium-bodied with silky tannins and a smooth, lingering finish.
      Terroir The Provence region's diverse soils and climate contribute to the wine's finesse.
      Food Pairings Pairs well with a variety of dishes, including roasted poultry, grilled salmon, and soft cheeses.
      Aging Potential Can benefit from short to medium-term aging, allowing the flavors to evolve and mature.
      Winemaking Techniques Crafted with precision, including fermentation and aging in oak barrels.

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