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      Product: Château Petit-Village, Pomerol-2017 75cl

      Château Petit-Village stands as a testament to centuries of winemaking expertise. Pomerol's unique terroir, characterized by its clay-rich soil and temperate maritime climate, provides the perfect environment for cultivating exceptional grapes. Château Petit-Village's vineyards bask in this natural glory, enabling the creation of wines that reflect the essence of this extraordinary terroir.

      Behind every bottle of Château Petit-Village lies a symphony of winemaking craftsmanship. From grape selection to fermentation, each step is meticulously orchestrated to produce wines that embody both tradition and innovation. The meticulous process begins with hand-harvesting the grapes at optimal ripeness. Merlot, a grape synonymous with Pomerol, takes center stage, contributing to the velvety texture and rich flavors that characterize Château Petit-Village wines. Aging in oak barrels transforms these wines into masterpieces. The marriage of fruit and oak imparts complexity, depth, and a harmonious balance that elevates Château Petit-Village's creations to new heights. With its lush red fruit notes, velvety tannins, and a hint of truffle, each sip transports you to the heart of Pomerol's vineyards. This limited-production wine is a celebration of elegance and complexity. The layers of blackberry, graphite, and floral aromas unfold like a captivating story with every swirl.

      When a cherished occasion calls for something extraordinary, Château Petit-Village wines rise to the occasion. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, or a significant achievement, presenting a bottle from this esteemed winery communicates a level of elegance that's truly unparalleled. From marking life's significant moments to simply sharing joy, these wines offer an unparalleled gifting experience. With each bottle, you're not just giving a gift; you're presenting a journey through Pomerol's terroir, wrapped in elegance and tradition.

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      Château Petit-Village, Pomerol-2017 Specifications

      Brand Château Petit-Village
      Wine Type Red
      Grape Variety Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
      Region Pomerol, Bordeaux, France
      Alcohol Content 14.5%
      Aging Process Oak barrels (typically 15-18 months)
      Body Full-bodied
      Aroma Red and black fruits, vanilla, cedar, spices
      Taste Rich and complex with dark fruit flavors
      Acidity Balanced acidity
      Palate Smooth and velvety
      Bottle Size 750 ml
      Tasting Notes Deep, intense, and elegant wine with a long finish. It offers flavors of black cherries, plums, and hints of tobacco and chocolate.
      Finish Long and lingering
      Food Pairing Ideal with grilled meats, lamb, and hard cheeses

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