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      Product: Chateau de Sarenceau Saint Emilion 2005

      Enjoy timeless elegance with every sip of Château de Sarenceau Saint-Emilion 2005, a vintage that strongly reflects Saint-Emilion's illustrious winemaking heritage. Each bottle of this extraordinary wine is a testament to the painstaking craftsmanship and unwavering dedication given to the revered vineyards of this famous region. When you uncork this special wine, prepare to embark on a breathtaking sensory odyssey. The journey begins with a charming bouquet that whispers a story of tradition and craftsmanship: ripe blackberries, juicy cherries and plump plums harmoniously combine with delicate nuances of dark chocolate, soft vanilla and exotic spices. The resulting scent is simply mesmerizing and captivates the senses with its complexity and charm. As the wine captures your taste buds, its splendor is revealed with every velvety sip. Soft, supple tannins caress the tongue and leave a long-lasting, rich, refined sensation. Its incredible depth and complexity make every moment of enjoying this wine an exquisite pleasure and an invitation to real pleasure.

      Château de Sarenseau Saint-Emilion 2005 serves as the embodiment of sophistication and taste, whether for a small group or a large celebration. Integrates seamlessly with fine dining to enhance the dining experience, enrich the flavor and enhance the overall ambience of your event. Beyond its role as a delicious beverage, this special vintage has the potential to be a valuable investment for discerning wine connoisseurs and collectors alike. When you uncork the Chateau de Sarenceau Saint-Emilion 2005, you will not only share the joy of an unforgettable moment with your loved ones, but you will also partake in a timeless experience, a timeless treasure that embodies the essence of luxury and pleasure. . . Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Saint-Emilion wine making traditions with an exquisite sip of Château de Sarenceau Saint-Emilion 2005. Let this sumptuous masterpiece be your guide in exploring the depths of sophistication and elegance contained in divine flavors.

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      Chateau de Sarenceau Saint Emilion 2005 Specifications

      Brand Château de Sarenceau
      Wine Type Red
      Grape Variety Merlot (dominant), Cabernet Franc
      Region Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion
      Alcohol Content 13%
      Aging Process Aged in French oak barrels for 18 months
      Body Medium
      Aroma Dark cherry, blackberry, plum, hints of spice and cedar
      Taste Rich, balanced, with flavors of black fruit, plum, earth, and tobacco
      Acidity Medium
      Palate Soft tannins, smooth and elegant
      Bottle Size 750ml
      Finish Long, with lingering notes of fruit and spice
      Food Pairing Red meat, lamb, game, poultry dishes, aged cheeses

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