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    • Masseto Toscana 2018 75cl Delivery

      Product: Masseto Toscana 2018 75cl

      The Masseto Toscana 2018 75cl stands out as a true masterpiece. This vintage has been the subject of admiration and acclaim in the wine community, and rightfully so. Crafted with precision and care, Masseto Toscana 2018 75cl offers a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate, making it a remarkable addition to any wine enthusiast's collection.Masseto is renowned for its commitment to producing wines that reflect the essence of Tuscany's terroir. The 2018 vintage continues this tradition by embodying the rich history and expertise that Masseto has become synonymous with its terroir.The vineyards of Masseto are situated in the charming Bolgheri region, where the marriage of climate and soil imparts a unique character to the grapes. The 2018 vintage benefited from ideal growing conditions, resulting in grapes that exude both elegance and intensity.

      Upon uncorking the bottle, the air becomes filled with an enchanting bouquet. The aroma of ripe blackberries and cherries mingles with subtle notes of cedar and tobacco, creating a sensory experience that intrigues from the very beginning.The first sip of Masseto Toscana 2018 is a journey through layers of flavor. The palate is greeted by velvety tannins that caress the tongue, while flavors of plum, dark chocolate, and a hint of vanilla unfold harmoniously. The wine's exceptional balance is a testament to the meticulous winemaking process. The structure and depth of this wine suggest that it will continue to evolve, offering new dimensions of taste and aroma over the years. Collectors and enthusiasts alike can anticipate a rewarding aging process.

       It also makes for a remarkable companion to various dishes.From its origins in the vineyard to its presence in the glass, every element speaks to the passion and expertise that went into its creation.

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      Masseto Toscana 2018 75cl Specifications

      Brand Masseto
      Wine Type Red
      Grape Variety Merlot
      Region Tuscany, Italy
      Alcohol Content Approximately 14.5%
      Aging Process Aged in French oak barrels for about 2 years.
      Body Full
      Aroma Dark fruits, tobacco, spice
      Taste Rich, velvety, complex
      Acidity Moderate
      Palate Intense, structured.
      Bottle Size 750ml (75cl)
      Tasting Notes Blackberry, plum, chocolate, and hints of vanilla
      Finish Long and elegant
      Food Pairing Grilled meats, hearty stews, aged cheeses


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