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      Product: Chandon Rosé Argentina 75cl

      Chandon Rosé Argentina stands as a testament to sophistication and quality in the realm of fine wines. Crafted amidst the picturesque vineyards of Argentina, this sparkling rosé holds a captivating allure for wine enthusiasts worldwide. Established in the early 1950s, the winery has continually upheld its commitment to crafting exceptional sparkling wines, earning global acclaim. The creation of Chandon Rosé involves a meticulous process blending traditional methods with modern techniques. Widely available in select markets, Chandon Rosé exudes luxury without compromising accessibility. Its reasonable pricing makes it an attractive choice for those seeking refined taste without exorbitant costs.

      This exquisite rosé entices the senses with its delicate pink hue and effervescent bubbles. The fruity aromas are complemented by subtle floral undertones, adding a touch of complexity to the bouquet. On the palate, Chandon Rosé showcases a lively and refreshing character. The initial burst of berry flavors dances on the tongue, delivering a delightful mix of strawberries, cherries, and hints of citrus. The finish is crisp and satisfying, leaving a lingering sensation of fruitiness combined with a subtle minerality. Its balanced acidity adds a refreshing quality, making it a versatile companion to a variety of dishes or enjoyable on its own.

      Embraced in celebrations and events, Chandon Rosé symbolizes festivity and elegance. Its presence elevates gatherings, adding a touch of sophistication to cherished moments. This versatile wine transcends occasions, offering a delightful experience whether enjoyed casually or during special events. Its adaptability and refinement make it a staple for diverse preferences. Its alluring taste, accessible pricing, and commitment to sustainability position it as a must-have for wine enthusiasts.

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      Chandon Rosé Argentina Specifications

      Brand Chandon Rosé Argentina
      Wine Type Rosé
      Grape Variety Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
      Region Mendoza, Argentina
      Alcohol Content 12.5%
      Aging Process Stainless steel tanks
      Body Light to Medium
      Aroma Strawberry, Cherry, Floral notes
      Taste Red berries, Citrus, Hint of Vanilla
      Acidity Crisp and Refreshing
      Palate Delicate, Elegant
      Bottle Size 750 ml
      Tasting Notes Bright, Fruit-forward, Elegant Rosé
      Finish Clean and Lively
      Food Pairing Seafood, Salads, Light Pasta Dishes

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      1-2 Days Delivery Mainland UK 1-2 Days
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