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    Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl

    • Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl Delivery

      Product: Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl

      At the heart of this renowned wine lies a blend of tradition and innovation. The Casa Marrone winery has long been known for its commitment to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the true essence of the land and the grape varieties. Beyond its exceptional taste and quality, Casa Marrone places immense importance on sustainability. The winery follows eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their vineyards coexist in harmony with nature. Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl boasts a well-crafted blend of grapes, each contributing its unique character to the final composition. The classic Amarone varieties, Corvina and Rondinella, form the foundation of this wine, lending it structure and elegance. To add a touch of spice and depth, the winemakers incorporate a small percentage of Molinara, enriching the overall complexity.

      As you uncork a bottle of Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl, an enchanting aroma fills the air, leaving you intrigued and eager to savor every moment. The bouquet is a harmonious blend of dark cherries, ripe plums, and blackberries, accented by delicate hints of sweet spices and toasted oak. Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl boasts ripe fruit flavors that dance on the taste buds. Raisins and dried cherries take center stage, followed by luscious dark plums and a subtle hint of fig. Each sip is a revelation, showcasing the richness and depth of the wine. As the tasting journey unfolds, delicate notes of cocoa and vanilla come to play, adding a touch of indulgence to the overall experience.

      Moreover, the gifting options for Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl are boundless, allowing you to make special occasions even more memorable with this exceptional wine. Whether you choose to gift a personalized bottle or a wine subscription, Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl is sure to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories for the recipient.

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      Casa Marrone Appassimento 2021, 75cl Specifications

      Brand Casa Marrone
      Wine Type Red Wine
      Vintage 2021
      Volume 75cl (750ml)
      Winemaking Method Appassimento
      Grape Variety A blend of carefully selected red grape varieties
      Alcohol Content Typically around 14% ABV (may vary by batch and region)
      Taste Profile Full-bodied with rich flavors of dried fruits, dark berries, and a hint of spice
      Food Pairings Pairs well with hearty dishes, grilled meats, aged cheeses, and rich pasta dishes
      Aging Potential Enjoyable now or can be aged for a few years to develop further complexity
      Packaging Presented in a 75cl glass bottle with a cork closure.

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