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    BOLLINGER PN AYC 18 2018, 75cl

    • BOLLINGER PN AYC 18 2018, 75cl - Champagne, France

      Explore the unique character of Bollinger’s PN AYC 18 2018, a distinguished 75cl Champagne that showcases the versatility and depth of the Pinot Noir grape. This fourth edition in Bollinger's innovative PN series is a tribute to the renowned Aÿ terroir, with the base year of 2018 marking its distinctive profile. You may also like Bollinger PN TX17 Extra Brut.

      Captivating Terroir and Vintage:

      • The PN AYC 18 encapsulates the essence of the Aÿ terroir, renowned for producing exceptional Pinot Noir grapes. The 2018 base year adds a contemporary twist to this edition, promising a Champagne that continually reinvents itself.

      Sensory Experience:

      • Appearance: A striking golden bronze hue that hints at its depth and complexity.
      • Nose: An enticing aroma of honey, quince, and candied fruit, evoking richness and warmth.
      • Palate: The taste reveals a rich tapestry of citrus flavors, balanced with the inherent boldness of Pinot Noir, leading to a robust and satisfying finish.

      Cellaring Potential:

      • While enticing to enjoy now, PN AYC 18 is crafted for enhanced aging potential. With time, its flavors and aromas will further evolve, making it a remarkable Champagne to be savored in the future.


      • ABV: 12.5%
      • Grape Varietal: Exclusively Pinot Noir, showcasing the grape’s full expression.

      Perfect for Collectors and Connoisseurs:

      • Each edition of Bollinger’s PN series is a collector’s delight, and PN AYC 18 is no exception. Its evolving nature makes it a captivating addition to any connoisseur's cellar.

      Embrace the journey of flavors with BOLLINGER PN AYC 18 2018, a Champagne that not only represents the excellence of Bollinger but also stands as a testament to the dynamic character of the Pinot Noir grape.


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