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    Top 12 Easy Drinking Games

    December 15, 2021

    Top 12 Easy Drinking Games

    We love a good drinking game. Whether you’re having pre-drinks before a night out or you’re at a house party that needs jazzing up a bit, it’s always good to have a few ideas in mind. That being said, when it comes to drinking games, no one has the patience to sit through long and boring rules. 

    So, Drinks House 247 have put together 12 easy drinking games that can be explained quickly and will get the party started. Plus, if you run out of any alcohol or mixers, we have you covered. 

    Just an important note before we continue - a good drinking game may be a good way to keep the party going, but please remember to stay hydrated, keep an eye on your friends and yourself. Call it a night when you feel like you’ve reached your limit.

    Have fun!

    1. Kings Cup

    Kings Cup is best played with a large number of people. You’ll need some playing cards and every time you pick a card you have to do what the list says:

    • Ace: ‘Waterfall’ - Everyone drinks in a domino-effect pattern. The person who picked the card determines the duration.
    • Two: ‘You’ - The player who picks the card chooses a person to drink.
    • Three: ‘Me’ - The player who picks the card takes a drink.
    • Four: ‘Thumb Master’ - The player who picks the card has the power to put their thumb on the table whenever they like throughout the game. Everyone else must do the same and the last person to notice, drinks.
    • Five: ‘Guys’ - Whoever identifies as a guy has to drink.
    • Six: ‘Chicks’ - Whoever identifies as a ‘chick’ has to drink.
    • Seven: ‘Heaven’ - The player who picks the card puts their hand in the air, and everyone else must do the same. The last person to notice, drinks.
    • Eight: ‘Mate’ - The player picks a friend to drink with them for the rest of the game.
    • Nine: ‘Rhyme’ - The player picks a word and each player takes a turn to say a word that rhymes with it. Whoever can’t think of another word has to drink.
    • Ten: ‘Categories’ - Similar to nine, the player picks a category and each player takes a turn to say something to do with that category. Whoever can’t think of another has to drink.
    • Jack: ‘Create a Rule’ - The player who picks the card has to create a rule that will take effect for the rest of the game. 
    • Queen: ‘Question Master’ - The player who picks the card is now the question master. The idea for all other players is to avoid answering these questions throughout the game, otherwise, they have to drink.
    • King: ‘Kings Cup’ - Put a cup in the centre of the table and add some of your drink into it. The person to pull the fourth King card loses and has to down the rest of the contents in the cup

    2. Never Have I Ever

    Never Have I Ever is a great icebreaker as you get to know all their secrets! 

    The idea of the game is that you have to share something that you have never done before, and the people who have will take a sip of their drink. 

    The ultimate goal is to make your friends admit their embarrassing stories, so watch out!

    3. Drunk Jenga

    Drunk Jenga is like normal Jenga, however, each Jenga block has a funny or crazy challenge to complete when it’s pulled out. 

    The trick is to pull a block out at a time and place it back at the top of the pile after completing your challenge. If the stack falls, you have to down your drink and start again.


    4. Flip Cup

    This is a great game for a house party. 

    Split into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the table and keep the cups at the edge. Everyone must finish the drink and flip them up with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next team member begins.

    The first team to complete wins! 

    5. Bullsh*t

    Get your poker face out! This game is all about lying. 

    Shuffle and deal a pack of cards amongst the players. Beginning with aces, the first player places a card or cards face down on the table and announces the number of cards players. The play continues through the deck with 2s, 3s, 4s etc with each set of cards being placed on top of the others.

    If anyone believes that a player is bluffing, they can call ‘bullshit’ after that player lays down their cards. The person who played the cards must turn them over and show whether they were lying.

    If the player was telling the truth, the person who called ‘bullshit’ has to take all the cards in the pile, but if the player was lying, they have to take all the cards in the pile. 

    The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards without being detected. 

    6. Beer Pong

    Two teams, two sets of cups in a pyramid shape and each one filled with beer. If you get a ping-pong in one of the other team’s cups, they have to drink it and vice versa.

    Beer pong

    (H2) 7. Straight Face

    It’s hard to keep a straight face as you get drunker and drunker, so this game is a great challenge! 

    All players write a funny or inappropriate sentence on a piece of paper, that you think that your friends will find funny. Each person takes turns to pick up a piece of paper and read it aloud. If they can’t keep a straight face, they drink!

    8. Roxanne

    This one is simple. Listen to ‘Roxanne’ by The Police and drink every time you hear the word ‘Roxanne’. Trust us, it’s a lot!

    9. Pyramid

    You’ll need some cards for this one. 

    Make a pyramid by placing the cards face down on the table. The bottom row should have seven cards, and the next has six and so on until you have one card on top. The remaining cards are dealt evenly among players, and each player has 10 seconds to look at their cards. They then have to place them face down on the table in an order they will remember. 

    The dealer turns over the first card in the pyramid on the bottom row and calls out the card. Any player who claims to have that card can tell another person to drink. The player who is told to drink can either drink or call the other player’s bluff. 

    If the victim calls the bluff, the player must reveal the card in question. If they have the card, the victim drinks, but if they don’t, the player drinks. 

    Continue until you reach the top of the pyramid! 

    Pyramid card game

    10. Dirty Pint

    Simple and straightforward. Everyone puts some of their drink into a communal pint glass. Flip a coin and call it. If you’re wrong, you have to down the dirty pint.

    11. Buzz

    If the 7 times tables weren’t your strong suit, you might struggle with this one!

    Go round in a circle, counting up from one. Each person can say up to three numbers at a time. But, the rule is, you can’t say the number seven or any multiples of seven. Instead, you say ‘buzz’ and the order of players switches direction and the count goes the other way around. 

    If you forget to buzz, you drink. 

    12. Arrogance

    Players pour themselves a drink and a pint glass is placed in the middle of the table.

    The game starts when someone pours as much or as little of their as drink as they choose into the centre glass. Then, they need to decide between heads or tails, and then a coin is flipped. If the guess is correct, the drink is passed to the next player, allowing them to add some drink and take a guess. If the guess is wrong, then the entire drink must be consumed.

    This game is so interesting if there are a series of correct guesses in a row, as the glass in the centre gets considerably more full. 

    Drinking games

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