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    Tasting Whiskey: How To Enjoy Your Whiskey

    April 06, 2021

    Tasting Whiskey: How To Enjoy Your Whiskey


    Whiskey isn’t your average alcoholic beverage. People have been enjoying this drink for thousands of years, and it’s an iconic symbol of Scottish heritage far and wide. So much so that whiskey tasting is a popular pastime and something that can be enjoyed on a distillery tour or in the comfort of your own home with alcohol delivery in London.

    The selection of whiskeys means that there is something for everyone, even those that think they don’t like it! It’s known by various names, such as single malt, blended scotch, rye and bourbon, and each has a distinctive taste and experience.

    This beverage also improves with age, so it’s no surprise some of the most expensive bottles are many years old.

    There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy the taste of whiskey. But, if you’re new to the journey, check out these handy tips to discover your preferences.

    Tasting whiskey – How To Drink Whiskey

    There are several ways to enjoy the whiskey tasting experience, including:

    Drinking neat whiskey – simply pour a whiskey straight from the bottle into your glass and drink. This is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the flavoursome punch of the alcohol.

    Whiskey with water – this is a popular option for anyone looking to get a warming hug from the experience. Add a few drops of water to release the aromas and dilute the alcohol content. Tasting whiskey this way allows you to discover the type and depth of flavour you prefer.

    Drink whiskey with ice – often known as tasting whiskey ‘on the rocks’; this is another flavoursome option. Choose larger ice cubes to avoid them diluting the alcohol content significantly.

    Whiskey mixers – if whiskey on its own isn’t for you, it can be added to other flavours to create whiskey cocktails. A favourite includes Whiskey Sours and mixes Bourbon with lemon juice, syrup, and egg white for a zesty twist.

    A guide to tasting whiskey for the best experience

    There are several ways to drink whiskey, but the experience also includes its delivery. Check out these tips to get the most enjoyable flavours.

    Choose the perfect glass

    If you’re enjoying your whiskey collection at home neat, always opt for a glass tumbler. Long whiskey drinks and cocktails are best served in highball glasses to enjoy the sweetness and savour the flavour for longer.

    Inhale the scent before drinking

    A considerable part of the whiskey tasting experience is the way it smells. The selection of aromas from different whiskeys offers everything from fruitiness to smokiness of the oak barrels it has been aged in.

    Take your time and savour the taste

    Whiskeyis a beverage designed to be savoured. When drinking it, serve at room temperature and sip rather than shot the drink. Try to identify the flavours and experiment with different whiskeys to find your favourites.

    There is so much to learn about whiskey and the selection of historic brands that make this infamous beverage. Why not explore the world of whiskey tasting and find the perfect drink.

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