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    Understanding Champagne Varieties: Your Guide to Selecting the Best Bubbles


    At Drinks House 247, we specialize not only in premium champagnes but also in offering an array of exquisite gifts suitable for any occasion. Whether it's pairing champagne and caviar for a luxurious treat or choosing the perfect champagne gift basket, our selection ensures that you can find the perfect expression of celebration and style. Explore our diverse range of champagnes and gifts, and take advantage of our same day delivery service within Greater London and UK mainland delivery within 2 days.


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    The Main Types of Champagne

    Brut Champagne

    Brut is beloved for its dry taste and versatility. It pairs wonderfully with cheese platters and chocolate, making it a top choice for any gathering or as part of a sophisticated champagne & glassware gift set.

    Rosé Champagne

    Rosé champagne, with its delightful pink hue and aromas of red fruits, is perfect for occasions that call for something unique. It goes beautifully with floral arrangements and is a popular component in our champagne gift baskets.

    Extra Brut Champagne

    For those who prefer a crisper, cleaner finish, Extra Brut has very low sugar content. It's excellent for those who enjoy the purity of flavor, often chosen for corporate champagne gifts to impress discerning clients or colleagues.

    Blanc de Blancs Champagne

    Made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, Blanc de Blancs is celebrated for its delicate flavors. It's an excellent choice for celebrating milestones, perfectly complementing a cake in various sizes for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

    Blanc de Noirs Champagne

    This type offers a richer body and robust flavors, ideal for accompanying hearty meals or as a central part of a luxurious champagne and caviar gift.

    Sec Champagne

    Sec, or 'dry' champagne, contains a touch more sugar than Brut, providing a slightly sweeter taste that can enhance the enjoyment of desserts or beautifully counterbalance the spice in exotic dishes.

    Demi-Sec Champagne

    Demi-Sec is quite sweet, making it a fantastic companion for desserts, particularly fruit-based sweets that complement its richness, or as a delightful end to a romantic meal.

    Zero-Dosage Champagne

    With no added sugar after the second fermentation, Zero-Dosage offers purity and intensity, favored by those who seek an unaltered taste of champagne's terroir, often selected by connoisseurs from our organic champagne selection.

    Brut Nature Champagne

    Similar to Zero-Dosage, Brut Nature is incredibly dry and made without added sugar, highlighting the natural flavors and complexity of the wine, a thoughtful gift for the eco-conscious.

    Doux Champagne

    As the sweetest type, Doux champagne is often reserved for the end of a meal or a special toast, perfect for pairing with rich, decadent chocolate desserts.

    Organic Champagne

    Produced with a commitment to sustainability and natural processes, Organic champagne is for those who value environmental responsibility alongside premium quality, ideal for those who appreciate thoughtful, green gifts.

    Enhancing Your Celebration with the Perfect Gift

    Create a custom champagne gift basket that reflects the recipient's tastes and the occasion. Each basket can include a handpicked selection from our range of champagnes, accompanied by gourmet treats such as cheese platters, chocolates, or cakes in various sizes. These baskets are not just gifts but a complete celebratory experience.

    Making Every Occasion Memorable

    Choosing the right champagne can transform a simple gathering into a memorable event. With our vast selection and expert pairing advice, you can select the perfect champagne to complement your meal, event, or celebration. Whether it’s a toast with Zero-Dosage Champagne to mark a new beginning or a sweet sip of Doux to conclude a successful event, Drinks House 247 ensures that every sip is as special as the occasion.


    At Drinks House 247, our mission is to provide the finest champagnes and the most thoughtful gifts, complemented by our dependable delivery services. Whether you’re choosing a champagne for its bouquet and palate or selecting a gift that conveys depth of feeling and celebration, find everything you need to make any occasion unforgettable. Explore our collections today and let us help you deliver not just a gift, but an experience that celebrates life’s most cherished moments.